Sony Reveals the New: BatPS4

Sony Reveals the New: BatPS4

Source: Sony PlayStation

 First, bat cave than bat mobile and now Batps4? Batman surely knows how to make an entrance. This article is about all new Sony ps4 limited edition of batman Arkham knight. If you are a batman and ps4 fan this is one of the best thing ever happened in your life, now you can have your very own ps4 version of batman which looks as classy as our very own batman. As Sony Reveals the New: BatPS4

This limited edition console of batman is available for $450; the bundle includes a steel-grey ps4 console with a custom batman faceplate, a matching dual shock 4 controller, and of course the game itself, the exciting conclusion to rock steady’s beloved Arkham trilogy

Fans can also order the standard edition bundle for $400, which includes the game and a regular, black ps4 and controller.

Sony also announced that the PlayStation 4 will have timed exclusivity on all dlc content for Arkham knight. That means that ps4 gamers will get the first crack at any additional content, such as new missions or skins for batman and the bat mobile, before anyone else. It’s not yet clear when that same content will make its way to pc and Xbox one.

These are some of the images of limited and standard edition ps4 bundle:

PS4 - Batman Arkham Knight Bundle


PS4 - Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition Bundle (The Bat-PS4!)



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