Batman Begins Again With Telltale’s

Batman Begins Again With Telltale’s

A new Batman game is being developed by the famous episodic game publisher and developer Telltale.

Telltale have made some of the best episodic games like Walking dead and Game of Thrones.

The developer has a unique style that represents a blend of strong storytelling with cartoon-ish or comic style graphics.

This time, they are expanding chapter to The Dark Knight. The studio released a new teaser giving us a glimpse of awesomeness that we are in for. Watch the teaser below.

The teaser was world premiered at Game Awards 2015. In the trailer you can hear a lot of people talking about Gotham City, usually reporters and how the city needs to be saved. After that the flow fills up and showcases The Batman logo.

The game will be based on The Dark knight. We know that game is going to be an absolute beast just like the others.

Telltale’s Making new Batman game and….. We can’t wait to be Batman.

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