Launch, Batman: Arkham Knight – Season of Infamy DLC

Launch, Batman: Arkham Knight – Season of Infamy DLC

Rocksteady had taken the task of about building Gotham City packed with story missions, Riddler secrets and Most Wanted and to make the game more interesting. They took upon this job also the responsibility to tie up the loose ends from previous editions in Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion. With the launch of the DLC, 4 central characters have been reintroduced with new gen Super Villains, having enhanced abilities.

Killer Croc has been made more powerful than before, making him looking even fiercer. He now appears closer to a reptile than a man, along with completely new suite of animations. Brought them life. However, the answer to the mysteries of Croc’s power and appearance are revealed in “Beneath The Surface,” Here the audience can identify the reasons for Croc to look as fearsome and reptilian than ever.

Moving on, Mr. Freeze has made his return in “From The Cold.”, continuing his ‘friendly’ terms with Batman from where they left off at the end of Batman: Arkham City. In this edition he goes on to make an attempt to save Nora’s life.

Ra’s Al Ghul makes his way back despite of League of Shadows being splintered after the events of Batman: Arkham City. As he comes in “Shadow War”, it points us towards the next question, is he the only powerful threat left in the League?

Rocksteady has made sure that there is something for everyone. For the collectors, the final Batmobile is launched, it can be added to your Bat-garage: the Original Arkham Batmobile.

The 2008 Batman Movie Skin has been introduced owing popular, this makes it possible to take out the Tumbler for a round. That being said, this is final DLC that is being developed for the Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass. Following this, the next launch in January will see the Community Challenge pack hit PS Store.

Below is the December DLC update trailer launched by the Playstation channel on Youtube:

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