PS4 Xbox One-like controller

PS4 Xbox One-like controller

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  • On : Dec 23, 2015


Recently we found that some Japanese manufacturer Hori has invented a new controller mixing up both PS4 and Xbox controller, it has a layout of Xbox Controller and Buttons and design of Ps4 Dual Shock4. It has known as Horipad Fp Plus. We also came to know that this is their second attempt of making such type of a controller, it solves the problem of those PS4 owners who always loved xbox controller.

However, the loyal Ps4 Players will never accept this according to my opinion, Also One of the most amazing thing is that they have also added a touchpad and it works too. That’s a high level of technology.


The FPS Plus is set for release in Japan at some point in July. But will you prefer this in-spite of your Sony PS4 controller for playing games? Let us know in the below comments section.

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