10 Exciting Xbox Exclusive Titles Not Released Yet

10 Exciting Xbox Exclusive Titles Not Released Yet

For console gamers, the most important difference between Xbox One, Wii U, and PlayStation 4 is the exclusive games. There is no console gamer who has not used the phrases like “well, you will never play uncharted on a xbox” or a similar statement with respect to Halo and PlayStation. Keeping this in mind, here are some 10 Exciting Xbox Exclusive Titles Not Released Yet so, fuel for your next Xbox One vs PS4 battle (sry, debate :P)

1. Inside

Playdead Studios made a name for itself with the remarkable Limbo, a dark and haunting game that made the most of its environment with some great puzzle solving. It looks like the team will apply a similar logic to its forthcoming Xbox One indie title, Inside. Although details are scarce, it appears that you’re once again playing a young, defenceless lad, trying to make his way through the confines of a large, trouble-filled prison. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of this one, but it should have no trouble becoming a classic.

Release Date: TBA, 2015

2. Halo 5: Guardians

One of the biggest games announced for Xbox One so far is Halo 5: Guardians. Halo has been the flagship franchise for Xbox since 2001 when Combat Evolved convinced millions of gamers to buy the original Xbox. Microsoft hopes that the first Xbox One Halo game can give their next-gen console a lift as well.

Release Date: October 27, 2015

3. Cuphead

Cuphead is a 2D co-operative shooter/platformer that consists solely of one-on-one boss fights. The game’s unique visual aesthetic draws directly from classic 1920s, 1930s animations by Disney, Fleischer Studios and Ub Iwerks. Not only does the game use animation film techniques but also marries it with an anachronistic history of video games, from Street Fighter and Contra to Space Invaders.

Release Date: TBA, 2015

4. Fable Legends

Another long-running Xbox exclusive series is Fable. While designer Peter Molyneux has a long history of promising more features than he delivers, his Fable games have always been a lot of fun. Typical to the fantasy genre, in these games you start as a nobody and work your way up to being a major celebrity by doing either heroic or villainous things, depending on the choices you make as you play.

Release Date: TBA, 2015

5. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a time travel mystery developed by Remedy Entertainment Ltd. exclusively for the Xbox One. The game is due for release in 2016. Quantum Break combines a live action television show with a high octane action 3rd person shooter. The television show portion of the game is shipping along side the game both intended to be experienced as a unified creative work. The game will follow the story of the game’s heroes Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder while the television show follows the story of the game’s villainous corporation Monarch Solutions led by antagonist Paul Serene.

Release Date: Early, 2016

6. Below

A top-down action adventure game that stars a tiny hero on an enormous island. Unlike in most games, death is permanent here, meaning you have to start from square one each time you perish. That’s a risky choice that could lose a lot of potential customers. To find out if it pays off, we’ll have to wait for its release.

Release Date: TBA, 2015

7. Scalebound

Developed by Platinum Games, the makers of such excellent action games as Bayonetta 2 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Scalebound looks like a fantasy game of epic proportions. You play as an adventurer who travels to a distant world full of enormous monsters. Luckily for you, you soon befriend a dragon who helps you take on these vicious beasts. Really, that’s about all we know so far about the game, but the trailer looks suitably grand. If the game is anything like that (or like the excellent titles Platinum has made in the past), it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

8. Crackdown

The Crackdown series follows a futuristic cop in a corrupt, open-world city overrun by violent gangs. What’s remarkable about it is how you start out as a pretty normal guy, but thanks to incremental upgrades, by the end of the game you can leap up the sides of skyscrapers and wipe out swarms of bad guys single-handedly. We haven’t seen much of the third installment (which will not be called Crackdown 3, according to EuroGamer), but we do know that it will offer a cooperative campaign, destructible environments, and will take advantage of the Xbox One’s cloud computing feature. Watch the cinematic trailer to get an idea of what to expect once the game comes out.

Release Date: TBA

9. Superhot

Most games are based on a gimmick. The ability to rewind time, for instance, or the fact that you have superpowers. And man, does Superhot look like it has a really cool gimmick. The idea is pretty simple: time only moves when you move. That may sound a little odd, but just watch the trailer. You’ll get a pretty good idea of how it works. And after that, you’ll probably be pretty excited.

Release Date: June, 2015

10. Massive Chalice

It’s been kind of odd watching The House That Tim Schafer Built, also known as Double Fine Productions, become an indie studio (and a publisher at the same time, strangely enough), but you can’t deny that they’ve been pumping out good stuff since they made the transition. Massive Chalice is one of their latest projects. The pitch is this: you play as the immortal ruler of a nation trying to fight off a mysterious enemy known as the Cadence, all over the course of a centuries long war. It’s a tactical RPG, but you won’t spend all of your time fighting. You’ll build alliances through political marriages and manage your nation’s affairs of state, too. Hail to the king, baby.

Release Date: December 31, 2015

These are some of the exclusive Xbox One Games which are upcoming this year. If you find any game out of this list please mention in the comments below and also share if you find this article interesting.