Hard Mode in Destiny: The Taken King

Hard Mode in Destiny: The Taken King

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On its official blog Bungie posted a preview of a “hard” mode to King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King. Raid designer, Gavin Irby, announced the inclusion of challenge modes in the game. The game was released on September 15, and just three days later the King’s Fall raid went live.

In this raid, there will be a challenge issued every week by one of the King’s Fall boss, which can be played in normal as well as hard modes. This move is introduced as an attempt to keep the player hooked on to the game. Irby pointed out that to complete each challenge, whether played in the normal or in the hard mode, needs to be played using a proper strategy. It’s obvious that each challenge will reward the gamer based on the difficulty of the mode.

Further Irby commented “You’ll see which boss when you select the Raid in the Director. It will display next to a skull, just like one of our Nightfall modifiers. They work on both normal and hard mode and offer rewards to match. Each boss’s challenge requires that you defeat them in a very specific manner. How, exactly? We’re going to leave that up to you to discover (but apologies in advance to those that run the single-pool strat for Gorgoroth).”

Irby went on to make a promise that December will also see the addition of more exotic guns and armour to the game at Year Two power levels. Along with more nuanced equipment, Bungie community manager Deej announced “We know that you’re anxious to see what we have cooking up for December. Although we hope to keep the main course under wraps a little while longer.”

This move of introducing challenges along with normal and hard modes will find gamers trying different strategies. Here’s the video put up by Destiny through its official channel on Youtube.

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