Want to Know Your Favourite Game?

Want to Know Your Favourite Game?

What would you answer if someone asked you about your favorite game? Is it Fifa, Borderlands, AOE or COD? I am sure you are finding it difficult to choose one from so many of them. This post will help you figure out which one is your favorite.

On their 20th anniversary GameFAQs.com conducted a poll to determine which is the best game ever. But to cast your vote you need to know which is your favorite game. As a result, a tool was created to help video game fans figure out they’re personal favorite game of all time. It’s fascinating to begin with. A tool which will tell you what you really like. But before you begin, you must make sure you keep time in hand to complete the procedure.

Gamefaqs.com has listed 128 games, and they go one on one till the finals to determine which is the most popular game of all times. How it works is that the popularity of the games are weighed against each other, that’s where your preference comes into account. This means that your two favorite games could be pitched against each other. So they have made sure they tabulate all the popular games.

According to the creator of the tool, the sorter might have to go through 127 and 448 “battles” before they can finally come to a conclusion as to which one is, in fact, their preference.


The result of the poll helped determine that Undertale was the winner. The 2015 polls conducted showed that the most popular game of all time was Undertale. The game is available for $7.99 on steam and for that price it is a complete steal. The light-hearted game is loved by many and can be played anytime. Though it is an RPG it has minimalist requirements and can be played on any PC.

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