PlayStation VR Event on March 15th

PlayStation VR Event on March 15th

Sony has been leading the innovation front and has been responsible for a lot breath taking technology both in and outside the gaming industry. Even after becoming the market leaders for innovation, they have not stopped there. Sony has always made sure they create new technology and improve whatever advancement they have made. They are now taking steps to make PS VR live and available to everyone.

Sony is organizing a closed event in San Francisco, on the 15th March for the PS VR. The event can be attended only by people who have received an invite. The event is scheduled to being at 2 PM PT starting with a presentation, which was formerly called Morpheus, on the PSVR itself. Following the presentation it is expected that a number of demos will be conducted to give an an image of what to expect from the PSVR.

It is known in the market that Sony does know how to promote their new launches, be it the PS Vita or PS 4, they have always made sure that their products are well received by gamers and developers across the globe. They are known to conduct events which catch their eye of the developers and the gamers. The PSVR event organized will be a part of the 2016 Games Developers Conference. It is expected that Sony will announce the price and release date of the PSVR. A lot is happening around it With the Vive coming in April and the Oculus Rift coming sometime thereafter.

We have one job till all the information is revealed on 15th March, and that is to wait. After the event we will be clear about the launch dates and what to expect from the PS VR. Till then here’s a video of the reveal trailer of Eagle Flight for the PS VR posted on Sony’s official Youtube channel.

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