Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift Review

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality headsets are big in 2016 and this year, some of the most awaited VR headsets are releasing. One of the most awaited ones is Oculus Rift. Virtual reality headset that promises to change the gaming experience. Now that it is released, the question is, How good is it?

VR Experience

Mirror's Edge in VR

Mirror’s Edge in VR

VR experience is something not many people have tried. It’s unique, it’s different. You have no idea how powerful it is, how much immersive your game can become with it. Virtual reality is something like this, basically, you put yourself inside the game world. You forgot your boundaries, where you are or what you’re doing. Everything goes with the flow.


Since Oculus is providing a really good VR experience, it comes at a really steep price. How much to be exact? 600$ which are 40,000 INR. Expensive? Hell yeah, plus you need a really good PC to run it. It’s one of the things that cool rich kids brag about, but the only difference is that Oculus Rift is actually pretty polished considering it’s the first of it’s kind.


Oculus Rift

So apparently a lot of people thought really weird things like the headset is going to be very heavy since it loads millions of sensors or display is going to be fairly low quality. Well, Oculus addressed all of those rumors/thoughts quite nicely. The headset is light weight which is a mandatory feature since gamers are going to play for anywhere between 4-8 hours. It weighs around 1 KG which I believe is quite a light weight.

Although, it does not include the weight of the cable. Actually, it’s quite light too. The cable is kind of joined or merged. It has two ends, HDMi, and USB which split at the end so that you can connect both of them without any problem. The weight of the headset is also distributed quite evenly by the strap and secures it to your head. Also, the padding that makes contact with your face is also pretty freaking soft. These pads are removable but only one comes in the box. it feels like wearing some nice but slightly heavy ski goggles.
Despite it’s being lightweight, it doesn’t feel cheap or bad. The matte texture is also quite good and increases your confidence. Although we still wouldn’t recommend you to jam out to your favorite metal song.

One key little factor

Wearing Oculus Rift with a tight grip so that it doesn’t fall off your face can leave a remarkable impression on your face. What I mean by that? It almost feels like dizziness or some sort of a headache. You definitely don’t wanna go out after you dive into the VR world. That is my key advice so don’t because if you do, you’re gonna look like a person who’s high.

Pretty freaking high, like on 200th-floor. God am bad in these jokes…


Oculus Sensor

Oculus Sensor

The sensor has a pretty good stand which allows you to tilt or shift it a little big. It holds it in the place quite nicely as well. The sensor records all the things you do, in the environment, you’re sitting in. It captures somewhat more than the system actually tells you but it does have it’s limited. It doesn’t fully capture the room since it’s not a Room VR. It’s more of sitting inside the VR world. One way or another, it’s great.

Headset’s Display

Oculus Rift's Display

Oculus Rift’s Display

A slider switch on the underside of the headset allows you to adjust the distance between the eyepiece lenses to match the distance between your eyes, known as interpupillary distance or IPD. If the headset is set up correctly, you can get a fairly sharp and a very good looking display. It’s so clear because of the two 1920×1080 displays which result in fascinating resolution of 2160×1200. Which is really sharp. You get a high level of detail and clearly readable text.

Since the screens are right next to you, you can see pixels sometimes, mostly in bright lit areas but you will forget them as soon as the motions start running and you dwell inside the game.




When using the hardware which meets the requirements or even exceeds them, Oculus Rift performs phenomenally. The 90-frames-per-second refresh rate is, as promised, extremely smooth, and latency as you move your head is non-existent. There are some situations where you notice light distorting. Mostly in the sections where there is black screen and white text appears, usually in the beginning of a game although it’s not a deal breaker.

Integrated Earphones

Oculus Rift's Headset

Oculus Rift’s Headset

The integrated 3D audio earphones sound great, and easily swivel and move to fit over your ear. The also block out external sounds quite amazingly. They’re removable too so that you can use your own pair of headphones. Which I believe what most people are going to do to get the best experience possible. There’s also an integrated microphone, which means you don’t need to have a separate headset on top of the Rift to use in-game voice communication. This is actually quite nice since most audiophile headphones don’t have microphones.

One downside of Oculus



This probably has to be the biggest disappointment of Oculus rift. Lack of hand-tracking motion controllers. Since you’re in the VR world and you can literally look anywhere with your head, doing gestures and moves with the Xbox one controller doesn’t cut it. It almost feels like you got too excited but at the very last moment, everything got messed up. I’m not saying that Xbox one controller is bad in any way, it’s just Hand-Tracking motion controllers would’ve been better.

360 Experience

You can experience games in 360 which have a drastic effect on your gaming. No more pressing keys to turn back. Obviously, 360 field of view is not available in every game. But you don’t have to wait since some of these games are optimised for VR. EVE: Valkyrie, Elite Dangerous, and Project CARS all give you a heightened sense of situational awareness. It’s great. Watching videos and images in 360 will also have a shocking effect on the person. Since it’s really good, especially movies.


Oculus Rift is a really good headset. It’s trying to do something that nobody has ever done before and it does that really good. The product feels polished all the accessories are pretty nice. The display is shockingly good and the sensor is also nice. Price is something most people are going to question and it also requires a fairly good PC. Hand-tracking motion controllers are still not ready which oppositions offers. Is it really something you should get?

Let me tell you, Oculus rift is good, actually, it’s very good. But there are a lot of things that you have to take in terms before you go out and buy one. First is, there are not many games that support VR. Second, you really can’t share your experience since recording the screen will record only one half. Third, with the price you’re paying for, you better get yourself a PC which is one of the most important things for playing games in VR. It goes beyond playing games at High settings so get your PC all ready. Forth, wearing VR headset for a short period can put you into dizziness and headache. Might even puke for some people. It has very disorienting or distorted feel to it. If you can get past all of the problems, Get it ASAP, it worths the money. It will change your gaming experience, Forever.

Anyways, I’ll catch you guys later so
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