Boss Battle Mode Made With Forge On Halo 5

Boss Battle Mode Made With Forge On Halo 5

While the developers have been doing great work behind the scene, the gamers and especially the fans have never shied away from showing their appreciation. In fact, some gamers are so loyal that they do not touch any game of the rival franchise, simply because of their love for their own game. Now, with the help of mods, gamers feel more involved with the games and they use it to make minor tweaks which give them great satisfaction. Not only this, we have seen different types of fan-arts and also fan made videos which are simply amazing. But recently someone did something for Halo 5: Guardians that even left Phil Spencer (Xbox Boss) and Josh Holmes (Studio Head) amazed.

In December last year, 343 Industries released the Forge map/mode-making tools for Halo 5: Guardians for all gamers, which drastically raised the excitement level for all gamers. The tool was acknowledged and started new waves of developers who have since created some thrilling content. Xbox Live user TOKETAKE made the ‘Mistake Machine’ map, which even got Phil Spencer to tweet by adding the video and calling it ‘pretty incredible’. Spencer was nothing short of being impressed by this Halo 5 Forge Map.


It’s a boss battle map where one player controls a huge machine and on the other side, a team of Spartans is trying to destroy the machine. The Spartans have rocket launchers and have locked their aim at the 4 power cores (with one concealed power core) of the machine. The player controlling the machine can move forward or  backward or swing the ‘kill balls’ attached to its arms. The machine is shaped like Master Chief’s helmet with two arms.

Here’s the video of the map

The attacking Spartans have to first destroy the four external power cores, once they have done that the visor will open and then they can destroy the final power core. Once the machine has destroyed the player in the machine will automatically land on the battlefield. The developers have probably won their prize if they got the Xbox Boss and the Studio head to comment on their creation. Needless to say, Holmes too was impressed by the map, he was seen commenting, “It’s been amazing to see the creativity of the Halo community unleashed with the new Forge toolset in Halo 5: Guardians …. We have an ongoing email thread going here in the studio where people share new discoveries every week and it never fails to amaze us what people have managed to build.”

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