Dead Rising 4 Is Official!

Dead Rising 4 Is Official!

There is was some speculation amongst gamers that one of the games that will be announced at this year’s E3 is Dead Rising . And its true. Microsoft has officially announced Dead Rising 4. Dead Rising 4 is coming simultaneously on Xbox One and PC this Holiday season. It will be a remake of the first Dead Rising game, with co-op and online functionalities that will be coming on Xbox One and Windows 10 (most probably exclusively via Windows 10 store). Also earlier today, the Dead Rising 4 page on the Xbox Store listed a release date of December 6, before it was removed. The December date is within the holiday window, which isn’t surprising. The fact that it’s been removed could indicate the date may not have been accurate, or that Microsoft is planning to reveal it properly in the future. You can find its E3 2016 announcement trailer and screenshots below.




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