Project Scorpio Better To Host Games

Project Scorpio Better To Host Games

At E3 this year, Microsoft has definitely gotten all the attention that could be possible. They have made some really important announcements in the form of Xbox One S, Play Anywhere Program, Steam, and even the Scorpio Program. They are looking to create a stronger hold in the industry and are trying to have an all-round impact. This is just great news for the gamers across all platforms, as this will ensure that there are new and great games coming our way along with the development of some new technology.

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According to Xbox boss, Phil Spencer (On Gamespot’s sister site, Giant Bomb) “If you look at a game like Halo 5, [it] implements something called dynamic scaling. As scenes get more complex, in order to maintain 60 frames per second, they will actually change the resolution that you’re running at, and they’re not the only game that does this. So if you run that game on Project Scorpio you’re actually going to be at the max frame rate of that game more often.”

Now we can expect games like The Witcher 3, Halo, Doom, The Division and others which run on dynamic scaling, to perform better. We sure are in for a treat as our favorite games will soon be able to sustain their max frame rate effortlessly and will improve their performance by many folds. Spencer wants us to upgrade our video game experience with the Scorpio, this was clear when he said: “buy Scorpio to run your existing library of games.”

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