Dead Rising 4 May Come To PS4

Dead Rising 4 May Come To PS4

Dead Rising 4 was just announced at the E3 2016, exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10 and already started to gather up rumours. The franchise pits you against hordes of zombies that you can kill in entertaining ways has long been associated with the Xbox brand and later with Windows. This might change with Dead Rising 4.

According to a representative of Capcom Vancouver, the game seems to be a timed exclusive title. “Capcom Vancouver is developing, MS is publishing. 1 year exclusive with MS. Slightly different deal than DR3 [Dead Rising 3],” according to a NeoGAF user Shogmaster who claimed to have spoken to the aforementioned Capcom Vancouver representative at E3 2016.

In addition to this, the user was told that the games has more zombies on screen than Dead Rising 3, and has more varieties of them. Furthermore, the game uses an improved version of the engine seen in Dead Rising 3 with development starting eight months after the previous title. This could mean that the game is coming to the PS4 or possibly Steam later after the exclusive contract gets void.

Until Capcom Vancouver’s parent company – Capcom itself or Microsoft officially announces, it’s likely that this is simply a rumour at this stage. Having said that, with Rise Of The Tomb Raider hitting Steam after a few months of Xbox One exclusivity and set to hit the PS4 a year later, it won’t be a surprise if this turns out to be true.

Would Dead Rising 4 on the PS4 or Steam ruin your experience of the game on Xbox One or Windows 10? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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