Phil Spencer Talks About Steam & PC Games

Phil Spencer Talks About Steam & PC Games

Those of you who don’t know, Phil Spencer is the Xbox boss. He has been in charge of the team that has brought to us some of the best gaming experience in the recent times. At the E3 conference in Los Angeles this year, he broke down a lot of great and exciting news for us, including the bomb of Xbox One S and news for their Play anywhere program. You can find out the full coverage of these announcements and more E3 news at GameXs.


In this post, I am going to tell you about Spencer’s about the various things that are being tried at Microsoft’s end to improve the gaming experience at Xbox One and PCs. He spoke about their partnership with steam and how they intend to launch more games on Steam. He conveyed his intention to eventually set up its own store and to move towards a better Universal Windows Platform.


Looking at the partnership with Steam, Phil had mixed views and wanted to quickly make the most of the platform. He spoke about their experience on Steam so far and tagged it as “Some of them have gone well”. Indeed not they did not receive the kind of response that they were aiming for especially with Quantum Break and Gears of War Ultimate Edition. However, Forza 6 Apex and Killer Instinct did well on Steam, something that can build on.

“I look at Steam today, it’s on an incredible growth trajectory. It’s a massive force in gaming; a positive force. I think it will be bigger a year from now than it is today. And five years later it will still be bigger again,” he said. “I look at Valve as an important [independent software vendor] for us on Windows. They are a critical part of gaming’s success on Windows. I don’t think Valve’s hurt by not having our first-party games in their store right now. They’re doing incredible well. We will ship games on Steam again.”

Microsoft and Spencer have drawn positives from their experience at Steam and they are looking to take this forward. Although they have not specified which games they are going to release and what these games are going to be, but it is safe to assume that these games are going to woo are interested. Having producers of games and technology improve their products is only good news for gamers like us as ultimately they are looking for our interests and attention. Such healthy competition is going to make the market better for us and as Spencer has stated himself, “The end result is better for gamers.” So all in all, his announcements are better for Xbox, Microsoft, and PS gamers.

Let us know what you feel about these announcements and what launches are you looking forward to.

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