PlayStation VR : SOLD OUT!

PlayStation VR : SOLD OUT!

As we are closer to the launch of PS VR, our anticipation for its launch is really rocketing, and suddenly October feels really far away. But among all this excitement, PS VR has already been sold out. There are anxious people all over the globe and as soon as it was made available for preorder, it has been sold out.

Amazon has already exhausted all the orders it could take for it and has sold out the product in preorder months before its launch. In fact, the exact date of the launch of the product is still unknown, and people have ordered it based on the tentative launch month. New and old gamers do not want to take any chance for it and want to receive it the day it is launched.

Not just that it is sold out on Amazon through its stores in the UK, France, and Germany, for all across Europe. Amazon UK even started taking orders for a later release, and even that has been filling out fast.


The PS VR was previously sold out in America as well, where the date of the release was disclosed to be October 13. It will cost $399 in the US (which turns out to be £300), and will cost £349 in the UK. You will need the existing PS4 in order to play on the PSVR, this makes sure that Sony can capitalise on the console for that much more before they launch the PS4 Neo later this year. At the launch of the product, there will be close to 25 games that will be playable. This includes the likes of Batman: Arkham VR, Battle Zone, EVE: Valkyrie, Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, and Rez Infinite.

Have you Pre-order your unit ? or else you are waiting for the reviews before you buy ? let us know your opinion about PS VR

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