4K Resolution Not Necessary For New Games

4K Resolution Not Necessary For New Games

A great thing according to me at this year’s E3 was that the developers and studios did not focus just on games and DLCs. There was a lot of buzz around, about the upcoming consoles (both PS and Xbox’s), so much that studios spoke about what they felt about these upcoming launches. With this, many gamers shared a common concern, of the impact that 4K gaming will bring, and if all new games that come out will only be playable on a 4K television screen. To this, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that he won’t make it mandatory for every game to run at 4K.

Phill Spencer, Microsoft's Keynote

According to Spencer, developers have the full freedom to decide what they would want to do, and it was up to them to decide the resolution of the game. In fact, he went on to reassure that games that would be launched would be playable on Xbox One as well. He said “One thing we should make sure that everyone understands is, every game that comes out of the Xbox One family will run on the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Scorpio, so we have had some questions, ‘Are there going to be Scorpio-exclusive games?’ No, the line of games you’re going to get to play is the same.”

Spencer also hinted that there would be little or no difference in the visuals of the games that have already been launched.

This is what Microsoft had to say about their consoles, however, Sony continues to be secretive about their consoles.

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