Warner Bros Accused of Paying Youtubers For Better Reviews

Warner Bros Accused of Paying Youtubers For Better Reviews

Channels on Youtube are responsible for reaching out to millions of people their ideas and views. Usually, these ideas influence the viewer, causing the viewer to see the video on repeat and even share it with their friends. It is assumed that the person endorsing the idea believes in it, and there is automatically some faith in what the person is saying.

Shadow of Mordor Combat

However, your views become doctored as soon as you are paid to say anything in particular. This is exactly what Warner Bros has been accused of, during their quest for promoting Shadow Of Mordor. It has been alleged that they had paid Youtubers to give positive reviews of their game, in a measure to improve the sales and popularity o their game.

To this allegation PewDiePie, most followed Youtuber, responded by saying that he had “done nothing wrong”, he had disclosed the sponsorship of the video. He said that last year, there was too much ambiguity with respect to disclosures and disclaimers, and despite that he still had disclosed.

It was concluded by FTC that Warner Bros deceived customers through such doctored videos without disclosing the sponsorship. Moreover, these Youtubers generally put up videos speaking about their views, so in the ordinary course, it will be assumed that whatever they are talking about actually stands true by them. Warner Bros had also given advance release of the games to the Youtubers free of cost, in order to promote the game.

Now, Youtubers are more aware of the kind of behavior they are expected to maintain. So the next time they have been endorsed to make a particular view they are required to tell the viewers about it.

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