No Man’s Sky Review : Unique Experience, But Not For Everyone

No Man’s Sky Review : Unique Experience, But Not For Everyone

One of the most anticipated fantasy games of 2016 is finally out, and it has taken the world over. Not quite as much as Pokemon has, but even everyone around the world is playing Pokemon, No Man’s Sky has attracted attention towards itself from the entire gaming community. The game has been developed by Hello Games in collaboration with Sony, and it will be releasing only on PS4 and PC. The PS4 version came out on 7th August, while the PC version was out on the 12th August. Here’s what we think about the game.


It is a space exploration game, where you have to travel through different planets and objects in the space, while you procure resources and discover different lifeforms. A great feature of the game is that while playing the game, you do not have to waste time to ‘load’ any planet. You can simply fly in and out of a planet without having to wait at the ‘Loading’ screen. The game has a good look and feels to it, especially with the sci-fi-fantasy theme and the sound of the game. The game has enough planets (over 18 Quintilian) and lifeforms for you to cover over your lifetime, however, they give the option of sharing your experiences with others, which helps in a great way to explore the No Man’s Sky universe.

No Man's Sky


The game runs quite smoothly, however, there have been complaints with its performance on the PC. There have been reports of crashes, framerate fluctuations, controls and other bugs. The developers have been quick to develop a patch for these issues, after which all these issues seem to have been resolved. In fact, like most games, No Man’s Sky runs and works better on the PS4 as compared to the PC.


The game has really interesting features like naming a planet, for which you have to be the first person to discover it, you can even claim discoveries contained within it. The game used an algorithm to design the planets and its species, which has resulted in the vast number of planets and lifeforms dependent on it. However this has its own pros and cons, as you do get a great variety of resources, species and everything else, but at the same time some of these forms are not well thought and appear as desperate creations.

No Man's Sky 2


Well, this game is not just about exploration, although it certainly is its central theme. There are a lot of the other activities like mining, collecting resources, upgrading your weapons & ship, and getting involved in other trades in the vast space. So as you play the game you will understand that resource building and exploration are the two main aspects of the game, and while doing either you have to keep your guard on, and make sure you protect yourself.

Apart from hostile lifeforms, there is a danger even while mining and collecting resources due to hazardous substances and conditions. So you can always expect to be involved in the duel or be attacked by herd if you are not careful enough. At times you could even encounter space pirates during your explorations, but all these battles aren’t as enjoyable as they sound, and is often quite sloppy.


But there is more to the game than this too. Right from the early game, you will notice Atlas in the game, with vast ships. It provides a different perspective to the game, and you could benefit with its observations with respect to your pursuits in the game. It’s perspective and style of framing activities have an impact on your life outside the game as well. Following what it says the game has a larger significance and becomes far more intriguing, as it breaks the monotonous feel of the game.

For Now, the game is holding a lot more which is not yet explored, the game gives you amazing experience and works as a stress buster, but it’s definitely not for everyone. At one hand games provide you enormous graphics and a unique feel at other hands it feels to be slow and time-consuming. Although there are new and unique characters and planets, after few hours the game do feel repetitive, not the planets but the gameplay for sure.

Pros :

  • Unique Experience
  • Massive Galaxy to be explored
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Rare Species

Con :

  • Lack of Direction
  • Not So Great Shooting Mechanics
  • Too Long
  • Feels Repetitive after few hours


Overall Score : 7/10

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