Things You Should know before Purchasing PSVR

Things You Should know before Purchasing PSVR

PSVR is probably a device that ever gamer around the world is waiting for. While PSVR will be playable on the PS4, its competitors HTC Valve and Oculus Rift are playable on the PC. Both of these VR systems are considered superior to the PSVR, however, they both require a powerful system to function on. So while we are waiting for the device, here is all the information that is available on the device:

PSVR will only be usable if you have PS4 or any variant that was released post its launch. So once you wear the headgear, you will feel a part of the virtual environment. This means that if you are playing a shooting game, then you will be a part of the game, taking aim and shooting with your own hands, with the help of the controllers. So depending on your moves and reactions, the player in the game will also move and react.


The box you will receive after the purchase of the PSVR will include the VR headset, headphones, HDMI and most importantly a demo disk. The demo disk will help you set up the VR and will also include some free games, rest of the game you will have to purchase. But in order to play on the PSVR you will have to purchase a PS camera as well, and for the best experience, you will have to purchase the PS Move as well. Although no package has been announced yet, it is highly expected that Sony will release a package which will include all the devices required to play on the PSVR.


The PSVR is expected to be launched at a price of $400 or £350, on 13th Oct.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements on PSVR. Till then check out the links below:

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