Halo 5 Update For Xbox One and PC

Halo 5 Update For Xbox One and PC

Great news for all Xbox One and PC gamers who have a copy of Halo 5: Guardians. Halo 5: Guardians is making sure all its Gamers are kept busy, with updates and new DLC. For the Xbox One users, they have launched their newest and ninth free expansion, Anvilai??i??s Legacy.


The ninth expansion includes new maps and weapons. There are two new maps, viz. Temple and Mercy, and they are playable on Warzone Assault and Arena respectively, while the new weapons include Tactical Magnum, Wicked Grasp and Berserkerai??i??s Claw.

However, With Anvilai??i??s Legacy Halo has no plans to stop the expansions, and it will be rolling out 8 more expansions every month from November, apart from March. The full list of the remaining expansions is listed below:

  • The Battle of Shadow and Light ai??i?? November
  • Cartographerai??i??s Gift ai??i?? December
  • Infinityai??i??s Armor ai??i?? January
  • Hammer Storm ai??i?? February
  • Ghosts of Meridian ai??i?? April
  • Memories of Reach and Hog Wild ai??i?? May
  • Warzone Firefight ai??i?? June

There is good news for those who play the game on the PC as well. However, to receive any updates on the game, your PC requires to run on Windows 10. So those of you who have updated your systems, you can now download the Forge tools for free.

343 Industries Studio Head, Josh Holmes in a post (available here), claimed that the Halo franchise has been seeing the greatest amount of activity in and around the game in the last decade. He went on give the credit for the engaging game to the free DLCs, as they have moved to the free giveaways as compared to earlier for charging for them.


Keep watching this space for more news and announcements. Till then check out the links below:


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