Mario On iPhone! Nintendo’s Share Price See Growth Again

Mario On iPhone! Nintendo’s Share Price See Growth Again

I think Nintendo has decided to bring back all our favourite childhood games. They started with Pokemon and now they are bringing back Mario. They are changing how games are being played on the mobile phone.

With the launch of the new iPhone, Nintendo teased us with a new Super Mario Bros game. The game was shown during iPhone 7ai??i??s launch at the 2016 Apple 2016 keynote event. The people were expecting a lot from the new phone, but I guess Mario will be the biggest hit that the new phone will actually have. Nintendo hasnai??i??t made any announcements if the game will make a return to any of the consoles, and as of now, it looks like the game will only be a mobile phone exclusive (mostly just on iOS).

Check out the video of the gameplay to get an idea of what the game will look like.

Like the other mobile games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Mario will be on the run. But I guess that will be an option and not a permanent thing. Rest everything else will be the same, including the jumping, coin collecting, fighting, shooting and of course battling bosses. The height of Marioai??i??s jump will depend on the duration the user taps on the screen.

Another addition is perhaps the different modes in the game. Like the Toad Rally, which allows the user to compete with the time taken by a friend. The Mushroom Kingdom is the third mode, but they havenai??i??t disclosed much about this mode yet.


However only a part of the game will be available for free, and the full version will have to be purchased. The game will only be out for use in December this year.

Unlike Apple, after the launch event, the share prices of Nintendo went up again, and this time by almost 29%. This is the second drastic increase in their share prices this year, the first owing to the successful launch of Pokemon Go. I guess Nintendo should stick to making mobile games now, as each time they have launched a game this year, their shares have gone up.

Keep watching this space for news and announcements onAi??Mario and Nintendo. Till then check out the links below:

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