Resident Evil 7 To Get A Post Launch Patch for 4K Suport

Resident Evil 7 To Get A Post Launch Patch for 4K Suport

Now that PS4 Pro has been introduced in the market, more and more developers will be making their games compatible with the console. Developers such as Ubisoft and EA have already started rolling out patches for their games so that they can be played with optimal visuals that are supported on 4K and HDR on PS4 Pro. Now Capcom has confirmed that their Resident Evil 7, will support the same on PS4 Pro.


It is quite convenient for Capcom as PS4 Pro comes out later this year in November while Resident Evil 7 comes out only next year on 24th January. The game will be playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, their game will get a post-launch update that will enable its support to HDR and 4K.


It is interesting to see how many developers and studios will actually go ahead with upgrading their games to support these to features. As this is completely on them to make the changes and Sony will not be making any such upgrades. In fact, experts suggest that studios might even charge for this upgrade and not all of them might be for free.

Having said that, the 4K feature is exclusive to PS4 Pro while after the recent 4.00 patch launched by Sony, all PS4s will support HDR.

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