Battlefield 1 Reveals Early Deployment Details for Origin Subscribers

Battlefield 1 Reveals Early Deployment Details for Origin Subscribers

EA has been pretty upfront about the nine maps and six modes Battlefield 1 will boast at launch next month, however, EA and DICE both have now revealed what Origin Access subscribers can sink their bayonets into a whole eight days ahead of the most anticipated WW1 simulation’s October 21 release.

From October 13 onward, those signed up to the early access initiative will be privy to five maps — St. Quentin Scar, Amiens, the Sinai Desert, Fao Fortress, and Suez—across the game’s Conquest, Rush, Operations, and Domination multiplayer modes. Single-player is teased too via the Storm of Steel and Through Mud and Blood missions—all of which grants Origin members “ten hours of game time at the dawn of all-out war.”


As you might expect, progress carries over into the main game, should you decide to purchase after the trial ends on October 20. If you manage to power through the entire ten hours in that time, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack in the full game.

“After the release of the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, the rest of the maps and modes will open up (unless you’ve used all of your play time, that is),” reads a statement on the Battlefield 1 site. “EA Access and Origin Access members also get 10 percent off if they decide to pick up the game, too. We can’t wait to see you on the battlefield.”

Battlefield 1 open beta was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by me and my friends as well. Though the price may be a deal breaker for some, especially console players, the beta still managed to change minds of those who have liked the series all these years. The game lands on October 21.

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