Pokemon Go Making $2 Million A Day

Pokemon Go Making $2 Million A Day

Pokemon Go had taken over the world when it had released this year in July. It had taken Nintendo to a new high. But over the last few weeks, it has been seeing decreasing popularity. Despite all of that, it is making about $2 million profit every day. This figure had reached an all-time high of $16 million per day at its peak.

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The game is free to play however it includes micro-transactions. This is similar to games like DOTA, which you don’t have to purchase to play, but they have a lot of other in-game purchases.

The game had seen immense popularity at the time of the launch. It was a most downloaded app in the history of the App Store. The game reached 500 million unique downloads in September this year. Despite its decreasing popularity, there are more than half a million daily new downloads for the game.

According to Newzoo’s report, Pokemon Go has 550 million installs and $470 million lifetime revenue.

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