PSVR Finally Out Now !!

PSVR Finally Out Now !!

Finally, the day has arrived when PSVR is available for everyone to purchase. It is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in the gaming industry, which might change the way we play games. Sony had previously announced that on 13th October they will be releasing the device, and that day has finally come.


A price of $399 has been set for the device, however, one needs to have a PS4 and PS camera in order to play any game on it. A demo disc is included with the PSVR, which includes different games. There is another $500 launch bundle that consists of the device, camera, 2 PS Move controllers and the demo disc. However, many developers are working on projects to launch a game for the PSVR soon. Reportedly, there are about 18 different games, including Resident Evil 7.


We had previously seen that minutes after the device was available for pre-order, the device was out of stock. Owing to the same reason it is highly likely that the device will be out of stock for a great period of time. So it is advisable that whoever is looking to purchase the device, should do so at the earliest or the wait might become even longer.

Gamers in India is still waiting for official confirmation on PSVR release date as well as pricing of the device, this is not the first time India is being kept waiting on Sony PlayStation List, earlier PS4 was launched a few months later after its official launch, and same is being repeated by Sony for PS VR, Playstation Pro, and PlayStation Slim

Robert Fisser, VP and General Manager (Middle East, Africa, Turkey, India), Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Said “For those who are looking forward to its launch, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. We are beyond excited to deliver to them the amazing experience that PS VR offers. The launch date will be confirmed in due course of time,”

Catch PlayStation VR demo at IGX on 15th & 16th October this week


Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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