PS4 Gets Tomb Raider Patch

PS4 Gets Tomb Raider Patch

It is an accepted practice for developers to perfect their game after its launch. The real servers and the real gameplay cannot be tested till the game is played by the real audience in the real time. Many modern games need a lot of improvements and bug fixes after it is launched.

The rise of the Tomb Raider had been facing the problem of lag, and to tackle this the developers have rolled out Update 1.04.


This update is available on the PS4 and fixes more than just the lag. It improves the combat gameplay as well as the precision with weapons. This update also makes visual enhancements particularly to 4k image quality and better frame rates.

However, other issues like game crashing have not been fixed in the update. In fact, Digital Foundry commented that the constant crashes were due to the network and not the game.

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