Grand Theft Auto V Sold 70 million copies till now

Grand Theft Auto V Sold 70 million copies till now

Everyone around the world is waiting for more news on GTA VI and even hoping to manage a sneak into what is set to come with the sequel. Rockstar is enjoying the popularity of its games, with GTA V selling more copies with each passing day. Its popularity is growing every day as it is seeing more and more players playing the game online.


Take-Two Interactive has been particularly enjoying the market. They have now sold 70 million copies of GTA V and have seen success with their other launches as well, as its newly launched Mafia III has shipped 4.5 million copies in the first week of its launch. It saw a great demand owing to pre-orders which began earlier this year. Even NBA 2K17 and Civilization series have sold about 4.5 million copies since its launch in September and about 37 million copies respectively. Even Civilization VI that came out during a tight market has shipped about 1 million units.


All this has resulted for the developers to have an increased market share and see a great boost to their revenue. They have seen a 21% year-on-year growth for their revenue which has risen from $347 million last year to $420 million this year.


The biggest contributor to their popularity and growing revenue has been GTA. Since the time the franchise moved online, it attracts more and more players to play the game. To make the game more interesting Rockstar regularly adds new DLC to the game. Some of the most notable DLC that it released have been during the 4th July weekend and the more recently that of Halloween.

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