Gears of Wars Celebrates 10 Years : New DLC revealed

Gears of Wars Celebrates 10 Years : New DLC revealed

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As gamers when a developer or a game hits a milestone, it is a win-win situation for gamers and developers. First of all, it is a great as we are proud of the games achievments, and secondly usually when there is a milestone, developer come up with something special with the game. It could come in the form of a new edition, new DLC or even as a bundle.

Gears of War 2

In the coming week, Gears of War will be completing 10 years. So Microsoft is preparing to celebrate a “10 Years of Gears” event. They had launched the first edition of the game on 7th November in 2006. The celebratory content will be available from the same date this year. Apart from the content, they are also going to be organizing some events and releasing some new playlists as well. While they have detailed the DLC and the playlist they haven’t spoken much about the events.

They have detailed the DLC for the celebration, which will include some new and special characters as well as weapons. The DLC bundle will be called Tenth Anniversary Gear Pack and it will be released for their latest edition Gears of War 4. But obtaining the DLC pack is a little tricky as you will have to spend Credits for it. Each 200 Credit pack will come with only one item.


They have already released two playlists for the game, with each of the playlists being specific to the game mode. The ‘One Shot, One Kill’ is set for Longshot with Embar sniper rifle available on the map, as the name suggests you have to probably have just one shot to take. The other one is called ‘Gnasher-One King of the Hill’, where you have to kill everyone else.

With the DLC they will also roll out updates for the game. Primarily the update will improve the ‘credit-earning experience’, with the view that the gamers have a greater access to content. Here are the full details were given by Microsoft for the updates:

  • Versus Boosters now contain one guaranteed customization item and four Bounties. One Bounty has a chance to be a second customization item.
  • Horde Boosters now contain one guaranteed customization item, four Horde Skills and a chance for a Horde Skill to be a Horde Bounty
  • Operations Packs now contain two guaranteed customization items


All the special DLC is detailed below:

  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Anthony Carmine Longshot
  • Benjamin Carmine Gnasher
  • Clayton Carmine Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Hammerburst
  • 10 Years of Gears Retro Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Markza Mk. 1
  • 10 Years of Gears Enforcer
  • Gary Carmine Emblem
  • 10 Years of Gears Emblem
  • 5 Bounties, each themed to a Gears of War game

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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