Here’s What Watch Dog 2’s Season Pass Has In Store

Here’s What Watch Dog 2’s Season Pass Has In Store

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With the release of Watch Dogs 2 only a few weeks away, Ubisoft has decided to detail the Season Pass and the DLCs that are going to be released for the game. Watch Dogs 2 will release on 15th November for Xbox One and PS4 and it will come out on 29th November for PC.


Ubisoft has priced the season pass at $39.99, however, it will be a part of the Gold Edition. The season pass will comprise of 5 individual packs of DLC. Presumably these packs will be released separately, however, they are available to be purchased as a bundle for $39.99. Each pack is expected to include new skins, weapons, outfits and even cars.


The T-Bone bundle is scheduled to be released on 13th December. It will mark the return of Raymond Kenney, a.k.a. T-Bone. It will introduce ‘Mayhem’, a new difficulty level for co-ops, where there will be a new enemy who will be equipped with advanced weaponry.

The Root Access pack will follow soon after. It will, however, focus on the Zodiac killer, and it is most likely to be a story-like mission. We will only come to know if it is the actual Zodiac killer or not after trying out the pack. This pack is expected to release by early next year.

The Human Conditions bundle and the No Compromise bundle are expected to come out around the middle of the coming year. In all likelihood, they are not expected to come out soon after the Root Access pack. While the last DLC, Psychedelic bundle, will be available on Day One. There might not be any new story or mission with this DLC, apart from new weapons, skins, cars and etc.


The Human Conditions pack will focus on uncovering scandals in San Francisco’s science and medicine industries. It will unleash Jammer who is an expert at zero-ing down on his enemies. He comes in the elite co-op mission.

The No Compromise pack will make Marcus go against the Russian Mafia. It will introduce a new co-op survival mode called Showdown.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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