Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend Coming

Rainbow Six: Siege Free Weekend Coming

There is great news for all Rainbow Six: Siege fans. Ubisoft has just made the announcement for the upcoming expansion Operation Velvet Shell. The expansion is set to release next week on February 7th and completely free. The expansion will be released for PS4, Xbox One and the PC at the same time, and it will include a new map. For those who have purchased the season pass for Year Two, there is more good news as the new expansion contains 2 new characters

Those who have not purchased the season pass will also have a chance to play with these characters. They have the option of utilizing their in-game currency to purchase the characters, or by purchasing the in-game currency.

But this is not the only good news that Ubisoft had to share. They further detailed that Rainbow Six: Siege would be available for the upcoming weekend (2nd to 5th) completely free as well.

It is expected that Ubisoft will give more details on the new characters over the weekend. As of now it is known that one of the characters will be called Jackal. The new map is based in a nightclub in Ibiza and is called Coastline, you can expect it to be a little dim. The new map and the new characters are set around the Spanish special forces group “Grupo Especial de Operaciones”.

This is a good strategy of rolling out new free content. It keeps the followers interested, and keeps them looking forward to new updates.

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