Update on For Honor’s Season Pass

There is great news for the gamers even before the game is launched. Ubisoft has decided to roll out an update for the game, which will surely make the game more enjoyable. The update will introduce new characters in the game, and if you have purchased the season pass, then you will get access to these characters 7 days before they are rolled out for everyone.

The full version of For Honor will be playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC starting from February 14th. However, Ubisoft has planned to roll out a beta version of the game, which will be playable from February 9-12. The update will be available when the game is launched on Valentine’s day.

Additionally, Ubisoft announced today that it will release more For Honor maps, modes, and gear as free DLC after launch. People who own the season pass will receive early access to “some elements of this post-launch content.”

But $40 pass earns you more than just early access to the characters. Once purchased, the season pass holders have access to new “elite” outfits for the new characters as well as for the Day One War Pack. The season pass is a part of the $100 Gold Edition, and is not required to be purchased separately.

Those who have not purchased the season pass, they will still have access to the new characters. They can purchase the new characters through the in game currency.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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