Fallout 4 Bethesda’s Most Successful Game Ever

Fallout 4 Bethesda’s Most Successful Game Ever

There was a lot of expectation from Fallout 4 right from its launch. The game was released side by side with COD: Advanced Warfare, and it had tough task to remain popular. However, Bethesda kept rolling out DLCs for the game, which ensure that Fallout kept gaining popularity month by month.

15 months later, Fallout 4 has now become the most successful game made by Bethesda. It has gone ahead of the infinite universe of Skyrim.

Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines said, “Fallout 4 has gotta be the most successful game we’ve ever launched in our company’s history. More than Skyrim, in terms of what we did.”

The development team behind Fallout 4 ought to be happy with their performance. Skyrim was one of the best games they had ever made. With great amount of detailing and the crafting of the infinite universes. That was a task in itself. Going passed such a huge game is indeed a commendable job.

Well this is really great news for the gaming community. The primary reason being that the industry is being able to churn good games for gamers around the world and at the same time. The other reason is a healthy gaming environment is being created. This will urge developers to create good games, and keep delivering quality products to the gamers.

A great thing to notice is that despite Skyrim’s launch in 2011, it is continuing to sell copies of the game. Their sale saw a major boost last year when the special edition remaster was released.

However, Fallout 4 had been galloping right from its launch day when it sold about 12 million copies of the game.

It is natural that the developers had an edge at the time of making the sequel for the game, as a lot of the content and story did not have to be created from scratch. A lot of the ideas came from the older versions of the game and merely needed to be modified. However, this does not take the credit away from the hard work that was put in by the Besthesda team.

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