New IP and DLC for Hitman: IO Interactive

New IP and DLC for Hitman: IO Interactive

As per a recent job listing IO interactive is “currently working on a new unannounced IP.” However, there isn’t anymore information on the project. All the work seems to be secretive.

IO interactive is the development team has been associated with Hitman: Codename 47 since 2000 and was behind the development of the 2016 Hitman game. Other notable games include Freedom Fighters, Mini Ninjas, and Kane & Lynch.

The Hitman game from last year would receiving updates. The DLC was rolled out systematically and even gave additional missions. IO Interactive writer Michael Vogt has indicated that they are planning to continue adding more content to the game. The story-mode game might get upto two more seasons.

He said, “We wanted to do a really ambitious storyline that would span several seasons and also build this ensemble cast,” he explained. “In the old games, the targets were always the most interesting characters, but then you’d just kill them off instantly and move on to the next one. And now we wanted to build a much bigger main cast that will survive for much longer.”

“Season 1 is the first act in a feature film. You know all the characters, you know the stakes, you know the dilemma, but it’s only getting started.”

Based on what he had to say, we can expect us to remain busy with Hitman for some more time this year.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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