Take-Two Enter Movie Business

Take-Two Enter Movie Business

With the success of the GTA games, Take-Two is set to enter the movie making business. The most notable games produced by their teams include Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Bioshock and even Max Payne. Having shipped 75 million copies of GTA V, Take Two can be rest assured that they have a huge fan following.

The company’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, while speaking to the media said, “We have licensed a couple of titles for motion picture production and we don’t have much more to say about that yet.”

Zelnick added, “We are certainly not going to use our own balance sheet to invest in motion pictures and TV.”

They are looking for investment from other companies, which is a smart strategy. This will enable them to utilise their resources for developing games and utilise their creative resources for the development of motion pictures.

At this stage they did not disclose much detail about their plans of entering the movie business. It is even unclear if they are partnering for the development of movies or tv shows.

Similar to Marvel and DC, Take Two’s animation has become immensely popular with the youth. It is only natural to explore the potential in different markets.

The way people would be willing to play a game on Avengers or on Justice League, there would be a great number of people around the world who would be looking forward to see a movie made on GTA.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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