E3 2017: Come One Come All

E3 2017: Come One Come All

Much like last year, the E3 event will take place over three days from June 13-15. The first 1,000 tickets were priced at $150, subsequent to which the price for the tickets would go up to $250. The pass would earn access to all days of the 3 day event.

Reportedly, the 1,000 tickets priced at $150 are now sold out. These tickets were sold out on the opening day of the sales itself.

The tickets are to be purchased online, and there are a total of 15,000 tickets which will be sold.

As of now only Electronic Arts has confirmed their presence at E3, however no other big name has commented on E3 yet.

The dates of the event were revealed right after the 2016’s E3. Now that the tickets are available for purchase, announcements for the event will soon follow.

Studios and developers will start giving teasers for the event, and they will be planning their launches around the event.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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