Ubisoft Delays Steep’s Alaska Update

Ubisoft Delays Steep’s Alaska Update

The Alaska update for Ubisoft’s Steep has been delayed by 2 weeks. The update was originally scheduled to be released on 10th February. The game was released last year, and Ubisoft will be periodically releasing DLCs for the game.

Steep has been setup in the Alps and with the update, their will be new playable features based in Alaska.

The update is completely free and one does not have to purchase any pack to download the update for the game. The release date for the update has been set as 24th February for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game would also be playable on the Nintendo Switch, however no particular date has been set. The game should also get all the updates on Switch, at a later stage.

Ubisoft explained the delay, “Our teams are always committed to bringing the best experience possible to all players. With this in mind, we are postponing the launch of our Alaska free game update.”


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