Elon Musk – Entrepreneur By Day, Gamer By Night

Elon Musk – Entrepreneur By Day, Gamer By Night

Elon Musk is one of the most decorated entrepreneurs of the current generation. Not just entrepreneur, he is a visionary, inventor and a lot more. But this post is not about his achievements, but about his relation with games.

So when the legendary Musk isn’t taking the world by surprise, he is spending time with his kids playing video-games.

Musk and his family are quite avid gamers. They enjoy playing fantasy based games like Overwatch. As his kids are fond of HearthStone, Musk has his own take on games. While speaking about his favourite games, Musk said, “Overwatch was amazing, generally Blizzard does great stuff.”

It might have been the case that fantasy games might have inspired Musk to some of his inventions. Whether it was the in game currency that gave him the idea of PayPal or if the convenience of teleporting in games made him think about Hyperloop is slightly unclear.

There was a lot of excitement around Musk while talking about videogames. It was like an 8 year old was asked about his favourite toy. However, Musk has ample toys at his disposal some which reach sonic speed in real life.

Apart from Overwatch, he had good things to say about Uncharted and the original version of Deus Ex. He wasn’t quite impressed by the new version. He’s not the only one who found the new game disappointing. There will be well, many people around the world who would agree with him on that front. There were a lot of expectations from the game, and sadly they could not meet most of them.

Maybe he should try his hand at Borderlands if he liked Overwatch. Are there are any other games you would suggest for Musk ?

So let’s hope that games inspire him to make more cool inventions. Who knows, he might actually make teleporting into a reality.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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