VR Support For Dirt Rally

VR Support For Dirt Rally

Last year, Sony had introduced PSVR and PS Pro. Both the consoles, got sold out as soon as they were listed online. There was a huge demand for the devices, as gamers all around the world were eagerly waiting for these devices.

More than the PS Pro, the PS VR was a revelation. As soon as the development of the device was announced, developers all around the world started developing their version of a VR. Gradually, game developers started rolling out updates and patches for their games, in order to make their games compatible with the new consoles.

Recently, Dirt Rally rolled out a DLC expansion for the PS4, which adds PS VR support. After this DLC, the entire game will be playable in the VR mode. Earlier, after the update only certain portions of the game could be played on VR. For instance, a particular mission or a particular mode would be playable on VR. The DLC will also add a playable co-op mode.

This DLC is priced at $13, even for those who don’t have the VR headset. So the DLC is a great option for those who want to play the game on VR. Even for the co-op mode, it is useful if you want to play with someone who has a VR headset. In the new mode, one player will use the headset, which the other plays as co-driver.

So the update is really exciting for people who want to play more games on their VR headsets. Those who do not have headsets need not purchase the headset, especially if it is priced at $13.

If you own the VR headset but don’t have the game, then you can purchase a bundle which will include the game and DLCs. The DLC will include the VR DLC and 3 other DLCs.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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