Spencer Praises Horizon: Zero Dawn

Spencer Praises Horizon: Zero Dawn

The gaming industry has been getting competitive with each passing year. Xbox and PS were already competing with their respective consoles, before they each developed high def. consoles. Now the market will further get populated by Nintendo Switch. The three giants; Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, have been busy with the development of their new consoles. They have also been looking to introduce some exclusive games, which would showcase the unique features of their consoles.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer, has been active in social media with respect to exactly these new developments. In addition to populating the backwards compatibility games, he has been populating the number of exclusive games for Xbox. While doing so he has acknowledged some of the exclusive games that Nintendo and Sony have released.

In fact, he went on to say on one of his tweets that “Good games shipping are positive for industry.” While referring to Civilization, Forza, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Overwatch and Zelda, he said “all make gaming better.”

He wasn’t reluctant to praise the exclusive titles which were developed for rival consoles. It was the gaming industry which was benefiting from all of these developments. In fact, he felt that gamers should “celebrate” these games irrespective of the compatible console.

PS and Xbox have been more or less neck to neck. Each one of them have higher sales than the other in certain regions, or have sold more during a certain a season. But globally, both are equally popular. There might have been ups and downs, but the consoles have more or less done well since their introduction.

Microsoft and Xbox were a little worried with Xbox One and PS4 coming out at the same time. PS4 had gone ahead at that point of time, but over the years that has stabilized. In fact, in 2016 they had surpassed Sony in terms of number of devices sold.

Now, Spencer has been satisfied with response for Xbox One S, despite PS4 selling more devices in January this year. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will be coming out later this year, and might change things for this.

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