Switch Has a Day One Patch

Switch Has a Day One Patch

The Nintendo Switch will be finally coming out next week. It is first of its kind console by Nintendo. They have developed a patch for Switch, which will be available on its launch day, 3rd March.

The patch will make the device function more smoothly. Even if all the features work on the console once it is started, this patch will be necessary to make the device run smoothly.

Some device might even face network issues prior to this patch. The patch will download in the background and enhance the user experience.

Here are the details of the patch, released by Nintendo:

  • Access to network features, such as Nintendo eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images to social media, etc.
  • Ability to link Nintendo Accounts to your Nintendo Switch console.
  • Ability to connect online using hotspots that require authentication, such as at a hotel or café. A web applet will open up so the user can sign-in or accept terms of use.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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