Nintendo Teases E3 2017’s Plans

Nintendo Teases E3 2017’s Plans

Every year some of the biggest announcements in the gaming industry are made at E3. With this year’s E3 approaching, developers and publishers are gradually coming out and detailing what all they are planning to showcase at the event.

With the Nintendo Switch coming out this year, Nintendo will be trying to do everything to make it compete with the established Xbox and PS. It is rather important for Nintendo to gain popularity in the upcoming event, to ensure that its latest console does better than its predecessors.

As a result, Nintendo has teased that it has “big” plans for this year’s event. But one should expect new games for the Nintendo Switch.

This year would probably be the most important E3 appearance for Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch is a first of its kind console and it has a lot of expectations from it.

Nintendo has always launched consoles that have initially gained popularity. However most of them were designed for single player games, and their multiplayer functionality was not appealing. This led to a limited number of third party games. However, with the Switch, Nintendo is tying up with many publishers to make their games available for Switch as well.

Keep watching this space for more news and announcements.

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