EA Play Press Conference at E3 2017 Day 1 – Highlights

EA Play Press Conference at E3 2017 Day 1 – Highlights

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  • On : Jun 12, 2017

Electronic Entertainment Expo, one of the biggest gaming trade fair is going on in Los Angeles currently and in it, EA’s Press Conference took place on Day 1 yesterday. Most of the focus and announcements were on upcoming titles by the publisher – there were reveal trailers, gameplay demos, discussions, DLC announcements, etc. Here is the highlight –


Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have additional content in form of free DLCs instead of a paid season pass. Some DLCs will include content from the upcoming movie, The Last Jedi.
Unlike the previous version, Battlefront 2 will have a campaign mode Рmuch to the delight of those who missed a core campaign mode in the previous edition.

Expected release date: November 2017



Need For Speed Payback‘s gameplay trailer was revealed yesterday. The footage looks similar to heist scenes Fast and Furious movies. In this, you’re chasing a truck during which you have to take down a few escort cars, then secure the cargo inside the moving truck. The truck-driver has his or her own counter-theft measures in place which puts the player in a precarious position of crashing out of the chase. And guess what the cargo inside the truck is? A much better, faster car!

Expected release date – November 2017



A couple of new games to be published by EA were revealed yesterday. One of them is A Way Out, which is a co-op game about two brothers during a prison break. The other is ANTHEM, developed by Bioware (developer of the epic Mass Effect and Dragon Age series). Further details about these 2 games will be available as E3 progresses.



FIFA 18 – EA will be continuing The Journey of Alex Hunter with career mode. It also discussed gameplay details of next edition FIFA, which is scheduled for release in September last week. Perhaps the biggest change discussed till now is Live Substitution. It means substitution without pausing the game. The command can be given during the gameplay and the substitute will come automatically once the ball goes out of play.



EA shared the details of Battlefield 1‘s upcoming DLC: In The Name of the Tsar, which will be available in September. It will have 6 new maps, new vehicles, 11 new weapons and you will play as Russian Army. In addition to this, Battlefield 1 will also have more DLCs and new maps every month, including June. All DLCs can be bought as a bundle in the Premium Pass



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